The stress effect

by | Feb 25, 2016 | Featured blog post, Lifestyle

Stress less, live more. In this free ebook, read about the 4 truths and 4 effects of stress, and 3 simple questions to ask in any stressful situations. Find out why zebras don’t get ulcers and we do, why stress attacks the heart, the real reason why we practice yoga, and more. This ebook will also give you a list of early signs to help spot imbalances in your body—way before a doctor can put a disease label on “what you have”.

It will help you understand stress in a way you haven’t seen before and raise your awareness of your stress triggers, behavioral responses and effects on you. The goal is not to scare you—in fact, it’s quite the opposite: the goal is to make you aware so you can retain your power in any stressful situation.

“The stress effect” is packed with research and insights from allopathic and alternative (Ayurvedic) medicine, and includes discovery exercises to understand your triggers and responses. Interesting revelations guaranteed! Once you truly understand what’s going on in each ounce of your existence, you will become better equipped to deal with the roller coaster of life.

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