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So face oils were not for me, or so I thought. That is until I got introduced to Happy Orange Face Oil by Red Pantz. The most surprising factor was after a full week trial I had no acne breakout or skin irritation that other face oils would leave behind. Instead, I have smooth, soft, hydrated skin that lasts me all day. No latent dry patches popping up nothing! Just smooth hydrated skin all day. I can honestly say no other face oil has done that to my skin. Just look! Full story here.

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This is my new precious

Let me say this stuff is my new precious. Dealing with super sensitive combination skin it really is hard to find a product that doesn’t either irritate, dry out, or break out your skin. The moment this cleanser touched my skin I was in heaven. I think my skin was too. Full story here.

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Finally, a facial scrub for sensitive skin!

I have a dry/oily combination type of skin that is SUPER sensitive, and my skin changes with the seasons. So, in the summertime, my skin is more oily than dry, often leading to breakouts. Using skin products for oily skin was helpful, but it still would dry out and irritate my skin. This stuff takes care of my oily sections and hydrates my dry sections balancing my skin perfectly all in one swoop. It leaves your skin so soft, smooth, and refreshed that you’ll almost forget to moisturize after! Full story here.

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I love the herbal eye butter!

First off when they say a little goes a long way they MEAN it. In my first application, I had only used a little and I truly loved the results. My spring allergies tend to make my eyes dry, watery, itchy, and sticky. Red Panzts Herbal Eye Butter completely soothed then upon first application. Plus it really brightened the area around my eyes so I looked less tired. In my 2nd application, I went a bit too much which causes your eyes to water. I’d also advise if you got oily or combination skin to go light with it too. I have combination skin and when I used a bit too much I noticed a slight breakout happened as my skin changes to more oily than dry in the spring and summer months. So I use very little and it works out great! Full story here.


A toner that leaves your skin soft and supple

Finally, a toner that leaves your skin soft and supple afterward I would have never dreamed. Not only does it cleanse but it perks your overall senses as well. This is due to its perky scent, which I can only deduce as this is the scent of the Indian gooseberries. An accustomed scent it vibrates your morning awake! Full story here.

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This 3-in-1 butter is absolutely amazing!

Red Pantz has literally made a perfect, cure-all for all types of skin. Plus, multi-use products are just smart! This and a bundle of flowers will make any mama smile. Full story here.

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Be prepared to pamper yourselves

Ohhhh ladies! Be prepared to pamper yourselves! This amazing Face, Lip and Body Butter JOJOBA LOVE is crazy awesome. It’s super clean, with a jojoba oil base. That means a little bit goes a long way, and your skin will definitely thank you! Full story here.


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Refresh your skin with JOJOBA LOVE

I am so excited to use the Face, lip and body butter, JOJOBA LOVE as it is safe to use for my son’s skin as well. His lips get so dry! I use this on our lips every evening and it keeps our lips moisturized and protected overnight! The Face, lip and body butter, JOJOBA LOVE feels gentle and lightweight on our skin. It is solid but as soon as it hits your skin, it melts quickly and applies so easily. Full story here.

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A sweet miracle in a little jar

This little beauty is a 3-for-1 deal. I’ve never used a single lotion on every part of my body before. In fact, I wouldn’t have believed you if you had told me it was possible. But this badass woman-owned company has done it. JOJOBA LOVE somehow feels like a lip balm on your lips, a hydrating lotion on your face, and a luxurious butter on your body. Let’s just call it a sweet miracle in a little jar. Full story here.

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Super delicious. My kids liked it too.

This Boost Tea from Red Pantz is super delicious but not that great for bedtime – whoops! My kids liked it too but we did have to make it a morning tea just so everyone can sleep at night! Full story here.

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Best for bringing skin back to luscious hydration

JOJOBA LOVE will hydrate and nourish your skin, leaving it silky smooth. Made with minimal ingredients, this butter has many other uses, too. Slather some on your face, massage it into your hands and body or use it to keep chapped lips at bay. Shea butter softens and soothes, while mango butter protects skin and restores it back to health. And the gorgeous scents of lavender and rose mixed with jojoba oil will nourish you from top to toe, kissing life back into even the dryest of skin. Full story here.

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Wards off the #1 thing I hate the most

I mostly use this on my lips, especially at night before I go to bed. I also use it on the various dry patches I have around my body (oh the joys of Eczema). It’s been helping me to ward off the #1 thing I hate the most about the winter – dry skin and dry lips. Full story here.

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Culinary thrill seeking with Port Arthur News

Organic ginger, rosemary, lemon peel and basil are soothing in a travel mug on your way to work. Full story here.

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Beauty News NYC puts JOJOBA LOVE in the bag

Multitasking balms are my jam. I recommend using JOJOBA LOVE to seal in any moisturizing, water based products you may put on your skin first. This balm is also fantastic for protecting skin against the winter winds, which can crack and dry you out. Try JOJOBA LOVE today, you’ll fall in love! Full story here.

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Shop with Me Mama says our butter does it all

Keep those lips, hands, feet and faces hydrated and happy. This stuff does it all! Full story here.

Shop with Me Mama

Vocal Media chooses JOJOBA LOVE for natural winter skin care

Like on my lips, it absorbs thoroughly into your skin, leaving no greasy residue. A very big bonus for me. Testing it out over two weeks this is the more you use it, the better results you get product. By the second week, I noticed those dry horrible eczema patches cleared up. Dry, cracked cuticles cleared up! Even after hand washes my hands still felt soft. Conclusion? I’m a believer and a fan!

Full story here.

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All Beautiful Mommies recommends us for skin care obsessed moms

If your Mom loves beauty gifts, she will be very pleased with products from Red Pantz. I am obsessed with their Face, Lip and Body Butter! It is absolutely amazing. It keeps my skin hydrated and protects it from getting chapped or dry in the colder weather. Full story here.

All Beautiful Mommies

Why Mommy’s Block Party loves MY24/7 JOJOBA LOVE

I love how supple my lips and skin feel with Jojoba Love Face, Lip and Body butter! It is so rich and thick, a little goes a long way. Combine it with a gentle massage. It helps your makeup or lipstick to go on more easily, and better too. My daughter loves to use it on her elbows as they get pretty rough this time of year. I use it on my hands and lips. Though I love the way it feels…its scent is my favorite part! It is such a peaceful scent and helps me relax. Full story here.

Mommy's Block Party

Why Shalisa’s hands love JOJOBA LOVE

What Leila thinks of MY24/7


How April’s skin feels with MY24/7


Why I use MY24/7 coconut milk and honey face and eye mask

Maya talks about her JOJOBA LOVE


Why Yael and her family use JOJOBA LOVE


MY24/7 scrub and butter

His [my son’s] skin is dry and then got irritated by his hockey gloves. It was painful.

After one night of your products [face and body sugar scrub and butter] he felt a difference.

Really visible difference in 11 days.

Margaret N., San Jose, CA

MY24/7 face/lip/body butter

Very effective in counteracting the effect of too much hand sanitizer, and smells great too!

Krista F., doctor, CA

MY24/7 face/lip/body butter

Several of my coworkers told me how they love, love the butter!!! It’s amazing on the lips ad cuticles. Thank you for gifting these to us!

medical assistant, Mountain View, CA

MY24/7 face/lip/body butter

My hands were severely cracked and near bleeding from the constant washing and taking gloves on and off after my 48 hour shift a few weeks ago.

The 24/7 face, lip and body butter was donated to me and healed my hands over my four day break so I was ready for the next shift. With maintenance using the cream my hands have not dried out too bad and I have not had any cracks. I highly recommend this product. I won’t be using other brands on my hands and have bought more.

I use other suggestions by Petra for my face after shaving and my skin stays smooth and cool after a shave.

Mike P., firefighter, CA

MY24/7 eye butter

Love the eye butter! Definitely feel the skin around my eyes much softer.

Shylaja, San Jose, CA

MY24/7 face/lip/body butter, eye butter and toner

The face/lip/body butter is amazing. I’m so in love with all the products I’ve tried. The eye butter and facial toner spray are great too! 💗💗💗.

Denise I., San Ramon, CA

MY24/7 scrub and face/lip/body butter

Excellent product. I can’t see my esthetician during C-19. This scrub is keeping my face fresh and exfoliated. Great product in pretty packaging. Love the natural ingredients. ❤️

Love this wonderfully thick face and body butter. It is fun and easy to use and my dry skin loves it. ❤️

Cindy W., CA

MY24/7 scrub, toner, butter and triphala tea

Facial Toner and Spray: I use the Facial Toner and Spray as cleanser for my face, and it works great! My skin feels refreshed and clean, never tight or dry.

Face and Body Scrub: I use the MY24/7 Face and Body Scrub about once or twice a week, usually before bed, and then follow-up with the Facial Toner and Spray. The Face and Body Scrub leaves my face feeling refreshed and moisturized. A little goes a long way, and it leaves my face exfoliated, but not irritated.

Face, Lip and Body Butter: I use the Face, Lip and Body Butter on my lips and on my hands. I love how my skin feels moisturized after using it, and the smell is really nice. A little dab of it goes a long way.

Triphala Tea: Whenever my digestion feels a bit uncertain, I brew myself a cup of Triphala tea. Drinking it leaves me with a feeling of comfort.

Leslie L., San Francisco, CA

MY24/7 face/lip/body butter and soothing tea

I use the face/lip/body butter every night! It’s smells so good and feels great on my skin. It’s not sticky or greasy – it melts into my skin and makes my skin feel so smooth and moisturized.

I love the Soothing Tea! It’s smells fantastic and makes me feel all warm and cozy inside! It’s my go-to cup of tea for winding down at the end of the day.

Jeanette G., San Jose, CA

MY24/7 smoothie, CCF and ginger teas

As someone who works full time and also trains hard in the gym, I really love the Energy and Vitality Smoothie. With a great unique flavor, it gives you just the right amount of sustained boost, with none of the jitters that accompany other energy drinks. I highly recommend giving it a try. I also really enjoy the CCF and Ginger teas during the day at work as an alternative to coffee.

John B., CA

MY24/7 bedtime and relaxing teas

I purchased the Bedtime tea and Relaxing tea from Red Pantz company. Both of them have not only met but exceeded my expectations. The Bedtime tea I take any time I have a problem falling asleep with wonderful success. It tastes delicious, and it works right away with not a bit of grogginess in the morning. The Relaxing tea is also very effective to calm me down when I am feeling rushed or stressed. Far from affecting my focus or productivity, it actually helps me to be more concentrated and able to get things done. I highly recommend the products I have tried and I am looking forward to trying other products.

Laura M., Novato, CA

MY24/7 face/lip/body butter and sugar scrub

I have been using the CLEAN scrub and body butter and both are fantastic. I’ve been using the scrub on my hands and feet. My heels have been so dry and the scrub is exfoliating and nourishing. Followed by the body butter, my hands and feet feel great. I really like the butter because it is moisturizing without being greasy. It absorbs really nicely into the skin.

But my favorite place to use both products is on my lips. I use both at night before bed and I wake up with happy lips. I had been using a different sugar scrub on my lips but it wasn’t giving me nearly as good results as the MY24/7 products. My lipstick looks so much better these days now that I’m not putting it on dry, chapped lips. I’m so happy I found these products!

Margaret N., CA

MY24/7 sugar scrub, toner and face/lip/body butter

I’ve been using My 24/7 skin products for a few months and my skin couldn’t be happier!

In the morning I start with the Sugar Scrub which cleanses, exfoliates, and moisturizes, and then follow it with the Toner which refreshes and energizes and gets me ready for my day. At night I add the Body Butter to my regime and it makes my face feel so smooth and silky. My skin really craves the pure ingredients in these products and I love them!
Susan L., CA

MY24/7 face/lip/body butter

I am officially in love with the Face, Lip and Body Butter. It may even border on addiction. I started using it just on my lips, and loved it. Then I started using it on my entire face and my hands. I often have sensitivities to different products, but have had none; I only feel and see softer, healthier skin. It’s really a wonder! Thank you, Petra!

Valerie R., Los Gatos, CA

MY24/7 soothing tea

This [soothing] tea tastes just as heavenly as it smells! (Seriously, I’d sprinkle some in every room of my house if I could.) Steeping a cup of this brings me peace on even the craziest days in the office. I love enjoying a cup in the afternoon (or whenever disaster strikes).

Alex C., CA

MY24/7 triphala tea

Tastes and smells amazing. Thanks @redpantzcompany.

Jeremiah O., San Carlos, CA

MY24/7 toner and triphala tea

I’ve known Petra for years and I was thrilled to try her new MY24/7 products as I figured she must be a testament to the power of Ayurveda. Her own skin is gorgeous.

I love how the facial toner makes my skin feel – clean, fresh and healthy. I recently purchased a couple of the teas for my daughter who has struggled with stomach issues for years, so she’s now trying the triphala tea.

We look forward to spreading the good word about Red Pantz products.

Judith K., CA

MY24/7 toner and face/lip/body butter

My skin is often prone to irritation, so I am very wary when trying new products because it can turn into an expensive and unsuccessful exercise. This was NOT the case with the MY24/7 products.

I purchased the facial toner and the lip/face/body butter.

As soon as I sprayed the toner onto my face, I knew it was love at first spritz.  My skin instantly felt refreshed and silky-smooth to the touch.  No irritation whatsoever.  I’ve been using the toner for months and it is the best friend my skin has made in years.  I think I’ve even seen some wrinkles reduce in size since I started using this toner.  I spray-on the toner first thing in the morning to boost my skin, and again just before going to bed to give my face a kiss good-night of hydration.

The face/lip/body butter I intended to use as a moisturizer when my dry hands need some TLC.  What I’ve discovered is the butter is a fabulous, all-purpose dryness quencher for any part of my skin.  Besides using the butter to relieve my dry hands and legs, I also apply the butter to soften chapped lips, and I even dab a little around/under my nose after using too many tissues.  The butter offers soothing relief without irritating my skin.  The scent is pleasant and calming.  Even better is that it does not feel greasy or heavy, though it’s called “butter”.  Huge plus!

MY24/7 is skin care that I crave: simple, quick, and effective.  The all-natural ingredients also mean I am nourishing my skin in the best way possible.

Highly recommend!

Lily Y., CA

MY24/7 toner

Amazing toner! Closes/tightens the pores very well but does not over-dry. It smells great and apparently it’s edible! I am already on my second bottle.

Yousef A., CA


This course over-exceeded my high expectations. I have taken many workshops of this type and this was among the top 3. The information provided was 100% useful and presented in an ideal format. Kudos to Red Pantz. I will be back for more.

Natascha T., CEO, RYT200, Stress/Resilience


After taking this class, I have a better understanding of my “stress triggers” and how to cope with them. I am excited to have these new “tools” in my mental tool box. This class is perfect for everyone!

Callie S., Stress/Resilience


I learned a lot that I can apply to my everyday stress management skills. Petra presents the material in a very relaxed and easy to understand method.



Petra has put together a well-thought out workshop on focus. It’s like a crash course/cliff notes of many books I have read, such as The Power of Now, Flow and The Peaceful Warrior, and techniques I have learned in yoga classes.

Leslie L., Director of Web Marketing, Focus & interruptions


Our company had become increasingly unproductive due to mistakes and miscommunication. Petra was able to work with each of us both individually and together to improve our performance. She had both the tools and the insight to put better processes in place. I am personally elated; there is an increased esprit de corps in our company as well.

Kathy V., Owner, Marketing promotions company

Petra came into a cross-functional group with different priorities. She did some pre-work and came in prepared to facilitate a collaborative planning session. At the end of the day we were aligned on what needed to happen and working together in lock-step.

PLANNING: Symantec executive