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I’ve worked for companies of different sizes: from multinationals to startups. I built and led teams, designed organizations and processes, started many things from the ground up on shoestring budgets, orchestrated high-profile global initiatives and navigated through large, complex organizations. I’ve been there, lived it and walked in those shoes. 

“There must be other ways to thrive in our demanding society without going crazy or sacrificing our well-being!”, I thought to myself after a job-related burnout.

Ayurveda to the rescue

Determined to make a change, I found myself behind a school desk studying ayurvedic medicine. The curriculum included things like how to use herbs and follow the wisdom of nature and the circadian rhythm for optimal health and performance. And years later, I wrote my masters thesis on stress in corporate America, its effects on the body, mind and spirit, and graduated with a masters degree in ayurvedic medicine.


MBA, MA in ayurvedic medicine
Board-certified ayurvedic health practitioner (CAP)
National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA) board member and volunteer
Yoga instructor, gymnastics coach


There I was in a foreign country, less than 3 weeks into my new job as director of communications with a gigantic multinational corporation. I made the transatlantic red-eye to attend a high-profile company conference and was ready to meet my new colleagues. But things didn’t quite go as planned. I arrived, but my luggage didn’t, and when I went to check in to the hotel, I learned that they didn’t have a room for me due to some mix-up in reservations.

All I had on me was some basic necessities, an extra pair of socks and the clothes I was traveling in–my red yoga pants. I looked like I was going for a Sunday morning stroll in the park rather than to an event where people were dressed to a tee. Showing off my red yoga pants on the first day was a good icebreaker but I certainly didn’t expect to be wearing them during the entire conference. (For reasons I’d like to skip here, I wasn’t able to buy new pants).


I figured freaking out and going off at the customer service rep on the phone wasn’t going to get me my luggage any faster. Instead, I took comfort in knowing that my red yoga pants – a piece of clothing I often practice my “om” in at home – were with me. They reminded me of the lesson I heard over and over: “take the peace you’ve found on the mat with you off the mat”. So I chose to make peace with the chaos, concern myself only with the things I had control over and trust that everything would work out.

My red yoga pants are now a visual reminder to stay focused on what matters, chill out in the midst of mayhem and not to take myself too seriously. And that’s what I’d like to bring to you.

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