If herbs could talk

by | Oct 13, 2020 | Diet & herbs, Featured blog post

If herbs could talk, what would they say? As part of the Los Altos Virtual Arts and Wine Festival all October long, I’ll be hosting a special 30-minute Zoom chat.

In this chat, I’ll share with you some of my favorite ayurvedic herbs, the story behind MY24/7, a premium ayurveda-inspired self-care collection for skin, body, mind, and take you on a virtual product tour. All from the comfort of your home.

Virtual chat details

Date: Saturday, 10/17 and Sunday, 10/18

Time: 10:30AM PT – 11:00AM PT

Join for a chance to win

To sweeten the deal, I’m going to raffle off a MY24/7 gift basket. All you need to do is chat your name and email address directly to me during the Zoom chat. By doing so, you confirm that you are a legal US resident, at least 18 years old and willing to give me your shipping address if you win. The winner will be announced via a direct email message on Sunday, 10/18 evening.

If herbs could talk, they would say…

Over the years, I’ve written about some of my favorite herbs that are starting to gain popularity in modern wellness, how to use them and not use them, and why science is increasingly turning to them. Check them out!

Bonus tip: find out why ghee is the “Windex of ayurveda”. Hint: ghee is a traditional herbal preparation and delivery method.


Image by Diana Polekhina, Unsplash


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