Social media never sleeps…but here’s why you should

by | Jan 25, 2015 | Featured blog post, Lifestyle

Several years ago when social media was still shiny and new, I spoke about best practices at an event in New York. During my presentation, I pointed out that “Social media is like New York City – it never sleeps.”

Social media is like New York City - it never sleeps. But you should. #NYC #NewYork Share on X

Fast forward to today and social media continues to never sleep – somewhere, someone is always talking. But that doesn’t mean that you should trade in your bed. In a world that’s always connected, taking care of ourselves is ever so important. If you love social media, you probably find yourself glued to your phone – or whatever device you use – a lot. Maybe it’s your last act of the day before you go to sleep. It’s in our best long-term interest to break this habit – pronto. Here’s why:

1. Let your body complete the cleansing process

This is the time when your body and mind assimilate the foods you ate, and thoughts and emotions you experienced during the day. You know the saying: “you are what you eat”, but in reality, “you are what you assimilate”. So let your body assimilate and eliminate by letting your liver and other organs do their work at night. 

2. Recharge your brain

Our brains need us to sleep to be able to perform important functions. Eastern medicine has been saying for thousands of years that this is the time your brain takes out its trash. And finally, Western medicine has found proof that your brain’s trash disposal system kicks into full gear at night.

 3. Keep yourself healthy

When you let your system get rid of toxins at night, you’re helping your muscles, bones and organs to repair themselves, and boost immunity.

4. Boost your performance

If you wake up tired the next day, you can’t do your best. Not to mention increased irritability and stress can put a strain on your relationships at work and at home. Especially if lack of sleep is an on-going challenge.


10 tips for insomnia

Our habits during the day, and especially in the evening affect the quality and quantity of our sleep. Before you reach for a sleeping pill, consider some of these lifestyle options:

  • Avoid caffeine after lunch
  • Finish dinner at least 2 hours before bed time
  • Eat your biggest meal during lunch time instead of dinner time
  • Drink a cup of warm milk with a pinch of freshly grated nutmeg (just a pinch!) or 2-3 threads of saffron in the evening
  • Stop working at least 2 hours before bed time
  • Turn off all electronic devices at least 1 hour before bed time
  • Avoid electronics and blue light in your room
  • Be in bed by 10pm
  • Meditate before falling asleep
  • Wake up every day at the same time (even on weekends)

If you’re scratching your head as you read through this list, fear not, you’re not alone. In our always-connected world, reading on our iPads before going to bed and checking emails one last time have become the norm. Don’t get me wrong, there are many good things that come with technology – it helps us stay connected in different ways. We just need to be mindful of where, how and for how long we use it each day. Let’s start today.

Power off and good night, everyone!


As seen on Social Media Today.

Many thanks to Della Davis at Mount Madonna Institute for her edits.
Image by Terry Magallanes, Pexels



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