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Relax the mind and body with this Ayurveda self-care tea. De-stress with My24/7 relaxing tea by Red Pantz.

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Calm your mind.

Formulated for those days when you just want to scream aaaaahhhhh! Relax and calm your mind with ayurvedic nervine favorites brahmi, jatamamsi and shankapushpi. Even more relaxing than our “Melt away stress” tea.

15 woven tea bags

brahmi (Indian pennywort/bacopa monnieri), bhringraj (false daisy/eclipta alba), jatamamsi (spikenard/narodstachys jatamamsi), shankapushpi (morning glory/convolvulus pluricaulis)

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Caffeine free. This tea is all about the chill action rather than a strong flavor. "Nervine" means that it helps calm your nerves; relax your mind and through that action, your body. This is my go-to blend when I need more calm in my life. I sometimes combine it with the soothing tea for a delicate floral flavor. Steep for 10 minutes or until the water has cooled down enough to drink.

Drink responsibly and do not drive or operate machinery for a few hours after taking it. You may be too relaxed!


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