Energy and vitality smoothie (liquid)


Ayurvedic herbal smoothie for more vitality and energy. MY24/7 liquid smoothie by Red Pantz.

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Energize and nourish.

This perfect blend of energy and nutrition contains a powerful trio of ayurvedic vitality boosters, ashwagandha, gokshura and shilajit. Kick-start your day or replenish your energy after a workout.

Comes in 8oz glass bottle

ashwagandha (Indian ginseng/winter cherry/withania somnifera), gokshura (small caltrops/tribulus terrestis), shilajit (mineral wax/asphaltum punjabianum), cardamom, pumpkin seeds, honey, almond oil, almond milk, water

More about this item:

We speak more about energy than vitality, but this formula is really a vitality booster. The first batch I made went to a former swimmer's birthday party who still enjoys competitive swimming well beyond his college years.

This smoothie is for athletes and aspiring athletes just as much as it's for moms on the go. I drink this in the morning (with no ice) or after my workout, but I stay away from drinking it at night so it doesn't affect my sleep.

Ashwagandha is an adaptogenic herb, which means that it works the way your body needs it to work. It works to rejuvenate, tone and help cope with daily stress. Shilajit is rich in humic and fulvic acids, making it a superb carrier of energy and nutrition into the cells. Combine these with gokshura, a traditional rejuvenative and diuretic herb, for a burst of energy.



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