How is your mind connected to the rash on your neck?

by | Nov 21, 2021 | Featured blog post, Lifestyle

Do you ever wonder why you sometimes get a rash in the most unlikely place on your skin? Or, why a rash always comes back in the same spot? Is it a coincidence or a pattern?

Earlier, we explored how somatic expressions may show up on your skin. Now let’s see if there may be a reason behind where they show up.

As someone who has struggled with her skin her entire life, this topic fascinates me. I admit that the last time eczema rashes appeared on my neck, the weather was not the only thing to blame. At the time, I was in a situation where I felt like I had to swallow my emotions to keep the peace. I couldn’t express myself the way I needed or wanted to. The lump in my throat became the rash on my neck. For you Ayurveda buffs, udana vayu was stuck.

Once again, Madison Madden, founder of Livewise Ayurveda and author of Mind Body Food, and I sat down to explore the possible connections between the locations of skin-related somatic expressions and the mind.

How’s a skin condition related to where it’s on your body?

Madison: On a somatic level, you have regions of the body where you express stress. For example, skin conditions on your forehead and eyes are close to your brain, which is the main mover of your nervous system where psychological stress originates. Your eyes are the organs you see with. Your mouth is for expressing yourself and taking things in. And your cheeks express smiling and happiness. Your skin will show when there’s a disconnect between what you truly think, feel, see, express or take in, and what you’re projecting to the world.

A rash on your neck may be related to feeling stuck. Here's why. #wellness #ayurveda Share on X

Skin expressions on your chest and breast are often related to your heart. Is there something in your heart that wants to get out? Is there something you need to get off your chest?

Skin issues in the stomach area can be due to issues with willpower, emotions and emotional security on a somatic level.

Skin expressions can happen in your private areas, too. Is there stress, anxiety or toxicity surrounding intimacy, sensuality, or privacy in your life?

See, when you have a skin condition on your face, everyone can see it. It can relate to how you feel expressing yourself to the world. When you have a condition in a private area, it may relate more to parts of yourself that are generally kept private or hidden. Perhaps you’re holding onto unexpressed energy, undigested experiences or boundaries that help keep you safe in your own skin.

We hope you enjoyed reading about your skin and somatic expressions as much as we enjoyed sharing this information with you. Let us know what you want to read about more.

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Disclaimer: this blog is not medical advice. Our purpose is to educate and give you a different perspective on skin and its connection to you. 


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