10 ways for the time-strapped to quiet your mind

by | Jun 8, 2015 | Featured blog post, Focus & meditation

Time is a funny thing. We often say we don’t have time for something but what we’re really saying is our priorities are somewhere else. Too many times we deprioritize our health and well-being in favor of other things. We tend to think that we need to sit in an hour-long meditation or take 2 hours out of our day to hit the gym. Both are important but we should not overlook the simple things we can do now to quiet our minds.

Check out these 10 quick steps to get you started.

Image by Edvaldo de Sampaio, Pexels


  1. JC Giraldo

    I am looking to real book paperback, always I did, I will try avoid read for a while biz books. Good tips thanks.

    • redpantz

      Good stuff JC! Calming, relaxing….nothing that would get your adrenaline going, LOL!


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